Davinci London x Romderful x Shakka x Dounia (Runtings)

Davinci London was approached to kit out a music video featuring the world famous artist from the UK Shakka (@iamshakka) who has over 50 million collectively across his videos.

The song was produced and written by @Romdeful, and also featured @Dounia from New York.

The Director of the video @theapeninja who was approached by Sony records asked Davinci to come along and get a feel for the video.

It was a 90's urban theme, situated at an 'after party'.

So we had them covered, we chose bright colours using the red and yellow signature hoodies, as well as the print and embroidered T-shirts that were worn by Romderful himself. The video also featured @sarahangel.co.uk who wore our ladies high waisted jeans, which are featured throughout the video.

The image above shows the 3 artists, and Romderful can be see wearing our Tee!

Click the link to watch the video!


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